Understanding Our Products:

What They're Made Of

Hello, here is Sanfurney.

Familiar customers are confident in our products, but for those who are unfamiliar and have not made purchases, our products may be confusing.

Therefore, we would like to talk to you about our products.

What materials are our products made of?

PVC foam core board is a type of lightweight board made of a PVC foam core sandwiched between two layers of rigid PVC sheets.

PVC foam board has the characters of environmental protection, cost effective, recyclable. It can replace timber, aluminum materials and multi-board. PVC foam sheet could be used to make furniture, cabinet, wall panel, carved and so on.

What are the FEATURES of the material used in our products?

1. Light weight and easy to installed

PVC foam core board is a lightweight material that is easy to handle and install.

2. Easy to work with

PVC foam core board can be easily cut, drilled, sawed, nailed, turned, glued, bended, printed, oiled, etc. And fabricated using standard tools.

3. Chemical-resistant

PVC foam core board is resistant to many chemicals, including most acids and bases, making it suitable for use in harsh environments

4. Water proof

PVC foam core board is waterproof, which makes it suitable for outdoor applications, perfect material for moisture environment.


Our product is made of 3mm and 5mm PVC foam boards that are spliced together. This allows us to create a complete storage solution without the need for any installation tools. However, during the installation process, there are a few details that need to be taken into consideration.


What are the installation details to keep in mind?

  1. If there are many slots on a panel, start at one end and gradually line up and insert the tabs into the slots. Don't try to punch all the tabs in at the same time.
  2. If some tabs are very hard to insert, use a hobby knife or sandpaper to modify the tabs or slots to make them fit.
  3. Some products may come with extra panels to replace defective panels if needed.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Thanks you for your support!


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