Storage Rack Assembly:

Tips for Successful Installation

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Our products require easily assembly without tools and screws. Whether you're a DIY beginner or an experienced installer, knowing proper assembly techniques and key tips is essential.

In this post, we will share some tips on assembling our products to help you complete the assembly quickly.

- Verify Part Board Shape and Quantity

After receiving the package, carefully read the instruction manual and verify if the received part boards match the specified shape and quantity.
This step will prevent the lack of parts or errors during the assembly process and lay the foundation for smooth progress.

- Clean and Tidy Area

Before assembling, clean the assembly area and ensure a clean and flat surface.
This will improve the assembly speed and reduce the risk of product damage.

- Follow the Correct Order of Assembly

Our instruction manual showcase the most efficient assembly method.
By following the steps in the manual, you can complete the assembly more quickly.

- Assembly of Multi-hole Panels

When assembling the multi-hole panels, start at one end and gradually line up the holes with the tenons firstly and insert the tenons into the holes.
Don't try topunch all the tenons in at the same time.

- Keep the Tenons in the Same Direction

Throughout the assembly process, make sure the tenons are in the same direction.
This will prevent errors of the following steps.

- Assistant Tools for Assembly

lf some tenons are very hard to insert, use a hobby knife or sandpaper
to modify the tenons of holes to to make them fit.

To make you understand the tips of the assembly better, we have prepared
a video specifically showing the assembly of the multi-hole panels and the importance
of keeping the tenons in the same direction. We hope this video will assist you.

In conclusion, by following these key tips and considerations, you will be able to successfully finish the installation of the storage rack. The correct installation method is important.
Always remain patient and careful, and refer to the installation manual as needed to ensure proper operation.

The Product Installation Video Page can find the product installation video you want to view.

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