Here is Our Story

In the beginning, Sanfurney started as a furniture online store.

There was a cell phone organizer that was popular with customers, and we received many positive comments from our customers. Then we found that some customers used the cell phone organizer to store handicrafts such as ink pads and markers. So based on the feedback from customers, Sanfurney designed the ink pad organizer and the marker organizer.

It wasn't long before we realized that more and more customers were looking for craft storage solutions. Sanfurney began to learn about handicraft storage and found that there was a high demand for handicraft storage, but the supply was very poor.

For this reason, Sanfurney started to collect and design different handicraft storage products according to the customer's needs. This is how Sanfurney moved from large furniture to tabletop craft organizers.

After a successful run on Amazon, Sanfurney is officially founded. We hope that we can sell these products through our Independent Shop to more customers from different countries who have common needs.

In Response,

Sanfurney is committed to meeting the customers' needs for storing and organizing craft supplies to reduce clutter and facilitate access to art work.

We Offer

Feedback & Improvement-

Sanfurney will also respond to the customers' feedback and improve the products.

Customized Products-

Sanfurney offers custom products, designing storage racks to fit the customer's storage needs. 

Customer Service-

Sanfurney focuses on customer service and actively deals with customers' after-sales issues.


If you have some questions or comments, please email us at We hope to get your feedback and suggestions and continue to improve products based on these.

Hope to get more attention and support from you.

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