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Diamond 5-Pane Style, 12.1"x 8.1" (31 x 20.6 cm)

Diamond 5-Pane Style, 12.1"x 8.1" (31 x 20.6 cm)

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  • The size of the whole magnetic sheet is 12.1"x 8.1"(30.7x20.6cm). It creates faux diamond design windows on steel garage doors and gives it a carriage house look. The gloss black sides make them look real from the street.
  • All Season Weather Resistant Non-Fade PVC magnetic Panels Kit. Two purchase options are suitable for 2 garage doors or 3 garage doors respectively
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Magnet pieces are scored together as a whole sheet. Apply all whole sheets on the door. Carefully remove the scored strips out. Then you get the design.